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Expansive Mexico City is home to 20 million people and is a constantly growing metropolis with deep roots in the past. Built on the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the ancient Aztec capital, reminders of this once great civilization can be found around every corner. Called D. F. (for Distrito Federal; Federal District) or simply Mexico, it is Mexico's capital, the seat of the national government, and the center of commerce, finance and the arts. As the largest city in the world and one with such a rich history and cultural tradition, it is a veritable treasure-trove of antique and handcrafted objects that are as vibrant and unique as Mexico City itself.

Religious Artifacts

Religious faith, regardless of its tenets or cultural origins, has inspired some of the most beautiful artwork in the world. The retablo art form traces its origin to Spain and was perfected by the Ayacucho artisans of Peru. Traditionally, the retablo is a painted wooden carving or panel depicting the saints or scenes of agrarian life. These works of religious folk art, and those we offer from other regions like Tibet, India, and Mexico, will captivate your guests and clients with their enchanting simplicity. View details...