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Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City, was founded in 1727 by the astronomer king Sawai Jai Singh, one of the greatest rulers of India’s Kachwaha clan. The pink stucco structures were built to imitate the rich red sandstone of Mughal cities that blend the influences of Islamic, Persian, and Indian design.

This city and unparalleled wonders such as the Taj Majal are among the man-made jewels that encrust this land and dazzle even the most well-traveled visitor. Strolling through the bustling city, I keep my eyes open for bargains and treasures to be discovered, often in the most unexpected places.


Exquisite pillows from all over the world offer endless design possibilities. At Tessera you can choose from a unique collection of vibrant, handmade pillows and pillow covers that will add a touch of elegance, charm, and comfort to any space. View details...


Experience the exquisite luxury of a Mulberry silk shawl, handcrafted by women in Calcutta, India. Wrap yourself in a cozy, woolen shawl from the Peruvian mountains. Decorate a sofa or chair with an intricately woven Persian shawl. Tessera offers a variety of shawls and wraps from all over the world. You can use to achieve the right look for a special occasion or to add that final touch to your design. View details...