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Our website is only a sampling of our collection. If you don’t find what you’re searching for, chances are we have it, or can locate it for you. To schedule a showroom visit, or for more specific product info, please contact us anytime.

Reproduction Pillows from Peru

We have Antique Pillows as well as Reproduction Pillows (pictured below)...

Exquisite pillows from all over the world offer endless design possibilities. At Tessera you can choose from a unique collection of vibrant, handmade pillows and pillow covers that will add a touch of elegance, charm, and comfort to any space.

Reproduction Pillows from Peru

Black and white velveteen Peruvian pillows. These create a great contemporary look.

Reproduction Pillows from Peru

Shipibo Pillows - The Shipibo tribes are located in the Amazon basin of the rainforest. The geometric designs used by Shipibo artisans are quite unique. These pillows are hand painted with natural resins and pigments using shipibo motifs.

We have Antique Pillows as well as Reproduction Pillows (pictured above)...