Mosaic In Case You're Wondering

The word "Tessera," from Latin and Greek, refers to a small square of glass or stone used in a mosaic pattern. In many ways, it is the perfect name for this company: one that brings together authentic pieces from authentic places, and in turn does its part to make the world mosaic more unified, more beautiful and more radiant for all.

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Tessera is committed to offering authentic, handcrafted products. The items we carry have been personally selected and brought to you from distant villages in countries such as Peru, Turkey, Uzbekistan, India, and beyond.

We collect some of the finest antiques and objects that have been handcrafted by artisans. We take pride in knowing that the products we sell are unique, one-of-a-kind objects made by skilled artisans who are part of a long cultural tradition of creativity and craftsmanship that continues to flourish. In keeping with tradition, these artisans create all of their products by hand or peddle machines which is an ideal way to support environmentally-conscious living. Learn more about our Green Thoughts.