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Timicure River Village

In our travels, my family and I always make sure to bring things to share with the children we encounter during our journey. On our trip to the Amazon in Peru, we had only a limited number of pencils and candy to give to the children of the Timicure River Village. There were so many children and we didn’t have enough for everyone. We didn’t know what to do! Our guide had an ingenious idea. He had them sit in a large group and quizzed a child selected at random. If they were able to answer correctly they received a pencil. The children were so excited and tried very hard to answer the questions they were asked. I will never forget one small boy who was seven years old.
The guide kept asking him a question over and over in Spanish. Everyone laughed when the little boy answered. He wanted that pencil so badly, but could not get the correct answer. After several tries, he finally got the answer right and everyone cheered. When I asked the guide what the question had been he said he had asked the boy, “What is 1 + 1?”

The boy’s delight at finally winning his pencil was touching. It reminded me once again of how little things – things we often take for granted in our everyday lives – can be so special for those who are less fortunate. As we pulled away in the boat, everyone stood on the banks and waved and I was determined to do what I could to share more with these wonderful children. When I got home I sent them the photos we had taken during our visit as well as flip-flops, clothes, school supplies, and over the counter medicine. I often think of that day and continue to be inspired by their pleasure and joy at our simple gifts.