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Pisco, Peru

In August of 2007 an earthquake devastated many of the towns on the coast of Peru. I was privileged to contribute to a special holiday celebration for the children of a small fishing village called Pisco. In the aftermath of the earthquake the town was devastated leaving over 38,000 people homeless and hundreds of children orphaned.
My vendor and friend, Jorge, and his family were deeply affected by the tragedy and were inspired to help. When he asked me to help with a holiday celebration for the children of Pisco, I couldn’t say no.

Together we created a Christmas carnival with rides brought in by truck including a trampoline, and a giant inflatable slide – things that most of these children had never seen before. We also prepared and served special treats like the pantone and hot chocolate - a holiday tradition in Peru. For four months, these families had been living in tents without electricity and running water, in a camp on what was once a soccer field. It was so moving to see these children running from ride to ride, carefree and exuberant. At the end of the day more than 800 children and over 50 adults had taken part in our Peruvian Christmas carnival. It was one of the most memorable holidays I have ever had. The joy and smiles on the faces of the children that day are something I will never forget.

I am delighted that, with your help, Tessera can make a difference in the lives of the children of Peru as well as so many others across the globe.