Mosaic In Case You're Wondering

The word "Tessera," from Latin and Greek, refers to a small square of glass or stone used in a mosaic pattern. In many ways, it is the perfect name for this company: one that brings together authentic pieces from authentic places, and in turn does its part to make the world mosaic more unified, more beautiful and more radiant for all.

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Letter from Afar

The things I love most in life are children, kinship, travel - and of course - shopping. After ten years of telecommunications sales, I was seeking an endeavor that would bring my passions together. With the founding of Tessera in July of 2004, my dream was finally realized.

Tessera’s inspiration comes from a long-standing Ambroson family holiday tradition. Each year, one member of my family gives the others a very special gift - a journey to a faraway place. Once we arrive at our destination, Mom, Dad and I make it a point to meander "far off the beaten path." This way we can experience the true beauty and wonder at the heart of these remarkable places. Each trip is a journey of discovery as we encounter spectacular landscapes, new ways of life, and inspiring people – each with a unique story to tell. No matter how far we wander, we are reminded time and again that many truths are universal: we all laugh, cry and love our children dearly.

The photographs of the places we visit and children we meet are my most treasured souvenirs. The objects and artifacts that we have collected over the years help to bring a little piece of these extraordinary lands and their people into our lives every day, here at home. Through Tessera I am offering you the opportunity to experience many of the treasures from these intriguing cultures. Additionally a percentage of all Tessera's sales going to children's education in the remote villages of many countries, including Peru and India.

I invite you to explore to you heart’s content.
Cristi Ambroson
Founder, Tessera